Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Congratulations. We are more than half way there!

Gentle Reader,

I. We have now more than 500 signatures to our petition, with a goal of 1000, asking UNESCO to consider Florence's English Cemetery as a World Heritage Site to be found and clicked on at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/471134975 and we shall be very grateful for more signatures. (We have the virtual one on the Web, and a real one at the Cemetery, both at more than 250 signatures.) Share this with your friends, your e-mail address book. It is as if we have a thermometer half full/half empty!

II. Next, we shall do this with the funds we raise.

III. And then come and visit Florence, especially the 'English' Cemetery, and see the beauty you will have restored.

Julia Bolton Holloway

Aureo Anello Associazione Biblioteca e Bottega Fioretta Mazzei e Amici del Cimitero 'degli Inglesi' [Golden Ring Fioretta Mazzei Library and Workshop and Friends of the 'English' Cemetery Association]

'English' Cemetery
Piazzale Donatello, 38
50132 FIRENZE,